Mountains 2016 transfers to and from Porto Airport

Mountains 2016 will provide buses from and to Porto International Airport (Aeroporto Francisco Sá Carneiro) on the following dates:

  • October 2 (Sunday)
    20:00: from Porto Airport to Bragança (hotels)
  • October 3 (Monday)
    10:00: from Porto Airport to Bragança (hotels)
  • October 5 (Wednesday)
    19:00: from Bragança (hotels) to Porto Airport
    23:00: from Porto Airport to Bragança (hotels)
  • October 7 (Friday)
    19:00: from Bragança (IPB) to Porto Airport
  • October 8 (Saturday)
    7:00: from Bragança (hotels) to Porto Airport

Buses from Porto to Bragança will depart from the buses parking lot at the Porto Airport and will stop in the center of Bragança and Hotel Ibis and S. Lázaro.

In the return buses will make the opposite route (Hotel S. Lázaro, Hotel Ibis, city centre to Porto Airport) with the exception of the bus leaving from the IPB campus Friday evening.

These buses are free of charge. Delegates will have to register filling the following form: