Field trips


The field trips below intend to explore major topics of Mountains 2016: development, research, adaptation, and ecosystem services in mountain areas. The 8 planed field trips will address research taking place in the Northeast of Portugal region in topics of interest for the conference such as water management, efficiency in the management of orchards, groves, pastureland and other systems, innovation in local products and food technology, conservation of genetic and species diversity, and landscape change and multifunctionality in mountain areas. These field trips are also an opportunity to introduce the participants to the rich and, sometimes, unique natural and cultural heritage of Northeastern Portugal.

Mountain meadows in the Macedo de Cavaleiros area (Photo: Hélder Godinho)
Mountain meadows in the Macedo de Cavaleiros area (Photo: Hélder Godinho)

Field Trips

All field trips from 9:00 to 18:00 (except for field trip 4 that arrives at 19:00) on Wednesday, October 5

1. Prehistoric Rock Art and landscape change in the Trás-os-Montes region (in English) (Canceled due to low registration!)
2. History and stories of a border land (in English)
3. Flora, vegetation and geology of the mountains of Northeastern Portugal  (in English)
4. Pastureland management and conservation in the granitic mountains of Northern Portugal  (in English)
5. Adaptation to climate change in Portuguese mountains: the case of the Douro Valley wine sector  (in English) (Full)
6. Mountain orchards and groves: chestnuts, olives and almonds  (in English)
7. Alternative uses of mountain areas: tourism, honey, game, mushrooms and medicinal plants (in French)
8. Leaving the city, returning to the fields (in French)