Abstracts may be submitted for one of the following accepted  symposia:
  1. Impacts of hotter drought on temperate mountain forest ecosystems and ecosystem Services
  2. Valuing mountain products and landscapes
  3. Alpine lake and wetland ecosystem evolution: response to climate change and anthropogenic impact
  4. Mountains, traditional ecological knowledge and conservation of biocultural heritage
  5. Forest adaptation and restoration under global change – the role of mountainous forests
  6. Mountain agriculture and agroecology
  7. Land use changes and sustainable development in mountain areas
  8. New alternative sources of natural additives for food and cosmetic applications
  9. The systemic eco-social model applied to social work in rural areas
  10. Resources, risks and values: challenges for sustainable management in mountain viticulture
  11. Tropical mountains: challenges in climate, soil and water resources management for sustainable development
  12. Mountains, water, people; taking action on the social determinants of health as part of a mountain community centred approach
  13. Natural and human induced hazards in mountain areas under global change: trends and challenges
  14. Urban development in mountain regions
  15. Land abandonment and ecosystem services: threats and opportunities for mountain sustainability
  16. Livestock farming systems in European mountains: challenges and opportunities
  17. Past environments in mid-latitude mountain regions
  18. Forest management tools for sustainability approach in mountain regions
  19. Erosion threats in mountain environments: processes, impacts and mitigation
  20. The XXI century mountains: sustainable management of mountainous areas based on animal traction
  21. Moving toward sustainable mountain social-ecological systems: the challenge and promise of cross-level governance


Additionally, abstracts may be submitted for consideration on the following topics:
  1. Climate change
  2. Biodiversity conservation
  3. Land Use change
  4. Ecosystem resilience
  5. Ecosystem services trade-offs and integration
  6. Mountain waters
  7. Mountain farming systems
  8. Mountain forestry
  9. Mountain products
  10. Governance
  11. Heritage and identity
  12. Landscape, territory and multifunctionality
I International Conference on Research for Sustainable Development in Mountain Regions